Pharmaceutical Industry-Approved Doors

If you’re in the pharmaceutical industry, you don’t have to be told twice about the importance of having FD/USDA-approved pharmaceutical doors —you could literally not be in business without them!
As a fundamental element of any certified clean room, pharmaceutical doors must include a number of features to meet state and federal regulations. Partnering with Rytec, we are proudly licensed and approved to install Pharma-Seal® and Plexline® doors for those in the food and drug industries.

Features of our high-quality pharmaceutical doors include:

  • Stainless steel hood assembly, head and side frames, and bottom bar
  • Flush-mounted manual release
  • Optional vulcanized windows
  • USDA/FDA-compliant two-ply door panels

Incredible Engineering, Paired with High-Quality Materials

Engineered and designed to withstand pressure and ensure complete environmental control, Rytec pharmaceutical doors can be used for applications, such as nutraceutical, biotech, and food manufacturing environments. These doors not only can be advantageous for their environmental controls, but also for their ability to provide users with quick and easy access. To ensure security for your products, specimens, and pharmaceutical items, purchase pharmaceutical doors today. We will help guide you towards the best choice for your facility with a comprehensive, on-site assessment (provided by one of our very own staff members).

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